Our Team

The PRG team members are fuel from waste experts and cover the spectrum of skills and experience required to successfully execute in the independent power producer space.   Development Partners Invest Renewables and other vendors have a long working relationship with PRG, some going back a decade, others for five years, through multiple projects.   Click names for full LinkedIn profiles.


Rich Deming

  • Managing Partner
  • Project implementation oversight
  • Public and private funding strategies
  • Strategic plan implementation

Scott McMahon

  • In-house Counsel
  • Partner 
  • Over-all responsibility for legal strategy and Agreements 

Betsy Flanagan, Principal, Flanagan Consulting

  • Controller, PRG and affiliated project companies
  • All Aspects of Book-keeping, Accounting, Reporting
  • Regular Financials Reporting


  • PRG + Projects CPA
  • Deal-structuring
  • Tax 
  • Financial Advisement

Development Partnership

PRG has a strong, formal development partnership with Canadian group Invest Renewables.   The PRG-IR  strategy is to develop and partially own independent power production facilities powered by waste.     Principals Bob Nahiddi and Jean Sawaya are an integral part of the team and invaluable for provision of development funding, financial modeling, EPC and other construction-related oversight, legal counsel, deal structuring, and locating and negotiating full project capitalization. 

Jean Sawaya, Principal, IR and Kronos Project Management

  • Professional Engineer
  • Financial Analysis, Modeling, etc.
  • EPC structure
  • Energy project O&M

Bob Nahiddi, Principal, IR and Nahiddi Law

  • Long history of multiple in-house counsel positions for energy project investors/developers
  • Commercial application of complex legal documents
  • Lead for funding contract structure and negotiations 

Sam Mclamb, Principal, Broad Energy Solutions

  • Technology Expertise
  • Feedstock Expertise
  • Regulatory Lead, Permitting and PUC

Payson Davis, Energy Practice Lead, Craft Insurance

  • Risk analysis consulting
  • Complex energy-related policies
  • Creative hedging products for multiple risk factors


Our Beliefs

Every century a few technological advances occur that represent a paradigm-shift in the way the economy and general business work. Afterwards it seems obvious. But before, often right up to the tipping point, it is not obvious to anyone but a small segment of the population who “get it” in time to help implement the change and profit from it. Steam engines, railroads, electricity powering lights and petroleum fueling cars; later, personal computers and the internet.

When the inflection point comes, there are four stages:

  • first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then they join you

The team at PRG strongly - and personally and passionately - believes that the inflection point is near.  The backbone of our emerging energy framework will be distributed generation from waste resources.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how to get from conceptualizing a superior, forward-thinking plan to successfully implementing a profitable installation that uses waste to create energy.