Technological Solutions

Anaerobic Digestion - Perfect for yard waste; food and other organics; hog, cow, various animal manure.

Pyrolysis & Thermal Conversion - suited for plastics, crumb rubber, wood, paper/fiber, and other non-organics, also works for poultry litter.

Liquid fuels from waste streams can mean many things. For example, biodiesel created from waste vegetable oil or ethanol created from cellulosic wood waste. In addition to currently advising companies in both of these areas, PRG is also a partner in projects to create liquid fuels from EfW organic gases through sophisticated processes such as Fischer-Tropsch. These are cutting-edge technologies that will radically change the market for liquid fuel. PRG is currently involved in the following technologies:

  • Development of projects utilizing poultry litter to create combined heat and power.
  • Utilization of Energy-from-Waste technology to turn several other non-recycle-able feedstocks into industrially-utilized steam and power.


FT in a container.jpg
  • Development of a waste-to-drop-in-liquids production facility, in-house, for a company in Florida which owns a feedstock supply and utilizes the fuel in a captive fleet.

If you believe you may have a feedstock, site, or technology which can from the basis of a project, please contact us to assess how we can assist, partner or co-develop.