Carolina Poultry Power --  Farmville, NC

Project #1 in a series of poultry-fueled installations for the Power Resource Group

Vital Statistics

  • Approximately $27M in capital cost--raising capital across North America and deploying it to rural NC
  • 200 ton per day use of 100% poultry litter fuel--100% of it diverted from land application
  • 1.75MW of electricity & 70 mmbtu of thermal baseline, 24/7 power output
  • 23 permanent, high-paying good jobs
  • $4M per year of direct economic output to the surrounding community (studies indicate a typical 5x multiplier)
  • $200k in additional annual tax basis to the local community
  • Approximately 123,000 metric tons of carbon emissions replaced annually  (equivalent to the energy use of 13,000 homes)



Doing well by doing good....helping utility companies fulfill their requirements for renewable energy, creating new and innovative ways of disposing of agricultural wastes, using the associated energy to power industry and massive water conservation measures and providing jobs and economic activity in rural counties

Pictures of construction on site in Farmville, NC

Design Documents and equipment in use in other installations, similar to CPP equipment currently under manufacture