Independent Power Producers

The PRG team seeks sites, waste-stream creators, and energy off-taker arrangements for which it develops energy production facilities.

  • Providing early assessment about whether a project is worth further exploration.
  • Structuring, negotiating, and documenting complex energy-related Agreements
  • Full service permitting, utility filings and related regulatory issues.
  • Assessing feedstock and off-take economics

Facilitating Project Development

    PRG has deep experience in getting energy projects done

    Waste Materials Energy Value Assessments

    • Simple and effective valuation of waste stream for energy content
    • Solutions for co-location and alternative disposal methods
    • Co-Generation and Distributed Energy Potential

    Technology Vetting and Implementation

    Valid, reliable, and efficient tech is essential to project success and resiliency

    • Mature, proven and applicable to waste stream (feedstock)
    • Financial and Economic Impact Analysis
    • Feasibility studies and Due Diligence
    • Energy Project Deployment Oversight


    Energy from waste projects are complicated and closely regulated. PRG navigates these hurdles:

    • Power Purchase and Fuel Off-take Agreements: Assistance analyzing, negotiating, and executing these important documents.
    • Utility Filings and Interconnection
    • Air and water permitting