Carolina Poultry Power

This pipeline of projects--now under construction at the first site in Farmville, NC--has been the result of many years of work, going back to participation in projects which helped define the regulatory environment for this type of project in North Carolina, shaping the state's unique 2007 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard with special carve-outs for animal waste.  You can see more about the project by clicking here.

  • Construction commenced on project #1, a 200 tpd poultry-litter derived fuel biomass plant
  • Co-located at an industrial facility, the CPP plant provides waste-water treatment and other energy services
  • CPP's associated feedstock processing center, located deep in the heart of NC turkey country, is operational and provides an innovative back-stop to feedstock security and quality
  • The project represents a $25M investment in a rural area, is currently creating many construction jobs, and will sustain 15 full time permanent jobs
  • The project creates 1.75 MW of electrical and 70 mmbtu of thermal power, used to expand industrial operations and alleviate waste water issues


Solar--in innovative locations

PRG participated in the massive volume of solar generated by the NC solar tax credits (which made NC 2nd in the nation in hard numbers for installed solar.)  But PRG is seriously focused about using waste resources more effectively. PRG solar activities have been focused on innovative placement of solar to achieve higher returns, less overlap with other beneficial uses of property, and truly distributed solutions:

  • PRG is the majority partner of Momentum Solar, LLC  (Click here for information)
  • PRG, in partnership with Geosyntec, has completed a feasibility study for a large landfill solar site with an open sub-station and holds the long-term lease for it.  Plans for a 2-5MW installation are in place once remediation is complete in Q4 2018.  An article about the project is located here.
  • PRG previously did the early development work (site control, regulatory hearings, revenue docs, etc.) in partnership with a national development company for another 5MW landfill solar site that went online in January 2018.
  • PRG is currently working with a group to assemble a pipeline of projects utilizing North Carolina's new solar equipment-lease regulations to provide power to industrial users.  The projects, using battery storage, will be an example of the best that solar can offer--storage, and tightly-focused distributed energy production and use.