PRG moves to Farmville, ideal HQ for our focus on producing energy in the agricultural sector.

A funny thing happened on the way to the biomass plant.......

When PRG selected the site for the first Carolina Poultry Power facility in 2016, on the outskirts of Farmville, NC, it had plans to open a satellite office at its feedstock processing center deep in poultry country, but not to relocate its HQ nearby.  Up until that time, PRG had been located in the SouthEnd area of Charlotte, NC--as had the company from which it was born,  Calor Energy, for a decade before.   As often happens with an animal waste biomass plant, the local citizenry had a lot of questions about this new neighbor.   In the process of meeting many of the folks in town, joining the local Chamber of Commerce, and holding public meetings to explain the project, it became apparent that Farmville is a special place.   After some initial trepidation, the population of Farmville has been amazingly supportive of the project, with its clean environmental profile, strict emissions limitations, jobs and other associated economic activity.   In fact, the fit was so good, and Farmville so well-placed for future expansion in the region, that PRG just decided to stay.   

PRG/CPP have been proud to help make a renovation of the old hardware store located at the center of downtown possible.  By signing a long-term lease for office space, and for a loft apartment upstairs for Managing Partner Rich Deming, PRG helped the excellent historic development company Uptown Properties make a difficult project a little easier.  The building, circa 1905, was in poor shape.  The dynamic Uptown team has done an amazing job of renovating a prominent corner of a rural downtown into something new and exciting.   The rest of the town is dynamic as well--surprisingly so for a town this size--with multiple new artist/gallery spaces, an ECU glass-blowing facility with attached artists studios, and much more.   PRG/CPP have donated a solar system to the effort of one of the facilities, and is enjoying settling into a great town in the center of one of the highest agricultural-producing regions in the U.S.  There is a lot of project development opportunity, the folks in town know where to go for any issues with the local plant, and the local support team hired so far is amazing.  Move-in date scheduled for late summer.   Down East and Loving It!