Benefits of Energy from Waste


Pro-actively manage energy procurement

  • A guaranteed energy source at a price guaranteed for decades
  • Optimize material reuse through clean energy

Competitive Advantages

  • Improved cash flow
  • Respond to growing environmental concern and social capital
  • Community perception and marketing to customer preferences for sustainable products

Environmental Stewardship

  • Zero-waste to landfill
  • Clean power and renewable fuels


The simple fact is that projects which do not provide economic value to all stakeholders are not sustainable or replicable.   PRG believes that the first priority is to create profit for its investors.  Success in that endeavor opens the door to increased deployment of capital toward renewable energy from waste projects.


The project is key--PRG can implement the technology to fit the circumstances of feedstock and power requirements, from a boiler to cutting edge gasification and pyrolysis.  PRG can tailor a solution to fit every funding and environmental profile.




It is the PRG opinion that a blanket rejection of EfW projects is a blanket support of landfilling and carbon-fired power production.  That is the reality of what happens in the absence of new methodologies.  Intermittent renewables--solar and wind--are incredible, but they are not a viable answer, by themselves, to moving past 19th century power methodologies.  To reach true sustainability, we need true baseline power from renewable resources.

High Energy Content

Efficient creation of energy is key to a successful project.  PRG will conduct robust analysis of each potential project and site to determine if it makes sense from the perspective of revenue, waste, and mass & energy balance.



“The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate,

prosperous and enduring, and thus more intelligent, even competitive.” - Paul Hawken